And Why Are We Doing It??

If you stumbled upon this website you may have a general idea of what we are doing on our journey of #52weekswithout. But maybe you are wondering why we would choose to challenge ourselves in this way for a whole year. Why would we give up things that seem to make our life easier or in some cases better? Why would we choose to make ourselves uncomfortable instead?

We have shared our idea and our goal for 2019 with several friends and family members with mixed responses. Some of them think it will be a cool experiment, others think we will fail after a month, still others don’t really understand what it is that we are attempting to do, but they choose to support us anyway. A previous post covered WHAT it is we are doing in this upcoming year, but this post is going to attempt to explain WHY.

Many of you may be familiar with the one week minimalist challenge. Or maybe you’ve seen the 30-day declutter challenge that has been all over the internet over the past few years. Well, here at The Rushing Adventure we wanted to take those types of challenges to a whole new level. We are attempting to go #52weekswithout things we “believe” are essential.

We want to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and see what things really are essential, which things are a nice addition to life, and which things we can do without. Our goal throughout this year is to really test our limits. We want to reach the end of 2019 and be able to look back and see that we were able to declutter our lives mentally, physically, relationally, and much more.

Each week will look different. Some weeks will be a little easier than others. Some weeks we may fail in our challenge. The goal is not perfection. We probably won’t make it through all 52 challenges without messing up. But the goal is to try. We want to see what is possible. Can we make it without social media? What does life look like with one car and two careers? Is life better or more cluttered with Netflix?

This website is going to be a collection of our experiences. It will have blog posts, pictures, and even videos of our journey to live #52weekswithout. It will also be the best place to follow our day-to-day lives and other adventures we may embark upon during 2019.

So, we want to push ourselves to try this challenge for one whole year, but why? Our goal this year is to challenge ourselves to declutter as many non-essential items as possible, in order to free up space and allow us to focus on the important things: family, faith, learning new skills, hobbies, etc. We want you to be able to follow along and see the struggles and insights of each challenge. Feel free to join us in any challenge that you want to try.

May this journey be an opportunity to simplify our lives, invest in what truly matters, and bring God glory in all that is done. We are so excited to see what life is like after #52weekswithout.


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