On The Hunt For A Decent Coffee Shop

Bethany and I are not super, ultra coffee fanatics, but we do love a good coffee shop. There is a comfortable warmth that usually finds itself wrapped up in the folds of a coffee shop. There are unique drinks to try, pastries to sample, interesting art to look at, games to play, and much more. Everything typically smells delicious. Visiting a coffee shop also provides an opportunity for us to switch up the typical scenery and work on different things, whether that is reading a book, doing research, or writing whatever has been on our minds recently. The possibilities are endless.

We had the perfect place when we lived in Havre de Grace. It was called Concord Point Coffee. We loved the familiarity and warmth of “our” coffee shop. We were able to get a good cup of coffee and just sit and relax. We were able to spend some time brainstorming for an upcoming project or discussing a new, interesting idea. It is definitely one of the things we miss most about our old town.

After we moved into our new home we were quite disappointed to discover that there were no decent local coffee shops anywhere nearby. There are a few chain coffee shops, but our favorite part about a local place is the comfortable, family style atmosphere. The barista’s know our names, the seats are comfortable and inviting. It is a great place to spend a few hours reading, relaxing, meeting a friend, or working on a project. That tends to be missing from the chain coffee place.

It would only be fitting that one of our first adventures of 2019 was to seek out a new coffee/hang out place close to our new home. We ventured a little further than normal into the heart of Baltimore to a place called Common Grounds. 10/10 for the name, guys.

The coffee was delicious, but something was a little off. The machines were just too loud, the tables were a touch too close together, the patrons stared a little long. Maybe our expectations were too high based on past experiences. Maybe it was just off on that specific day. Maybe it was a combination of things that made the experience feel a smidge off. Everything was right on the edge of uncomfortable. The drinks were pretty decent, but it was difficult to talk or work on projects with the shop feeling so claustrophobic.

The shop itself is a converted townhome. There was some beautiful stone and brick on the interior of the shop. The tables were wooden with metal bases. The lighting was fairly dim, but there was a giant window at the front of the shop that let in some gorgeous natural lighting. It may have been a bay window, but it was difficult for me to tell amidst the vines and plants on the window sill. All in all, it was a cozy little place. It just wasn’t what we happened to be looking for. We struggled to focus during our conversations and our writing.

We may give Common Grounds another chance in the future. We will never find our next chillax place unless we take risks and try new shops. Feel free to let us know if you have any recommendations for good places to post up and work on life stuff while downing a stellar cup of bean water. Until we find the perfect place, the search continues!

– Josh

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