Week 2: One Week Without All Drinks Besides Water

We posted our week 2 challenge on our Instagram page at the start of the week. But we also wanted to include something here for those of you following along via the website. So here it is.

This week we are going without all drinks except water. So no coffee, tea, juice, soda, flavored water, milk, hot chocolate etc. It sounds fairly simple, but the first few days have already been a struggle. Bethany enjoys a nice cup of tea a few times a week and the craving is definitely there. Joshua enjoys some select flavored water drinks, but he also likes to add lime juice to a glass of water. Both are not allowed this week.

The only exception is using these liquids as an ingredient. So they are allowed in baking, and also cereal. It is really tough to eat dry cereal. We haven’t used the milk in the cereal exception yet, but we wanted to include it in case there was a hectic morning and a quick bowl of cereal was all we had time to consume before leaving the house.

Be looking for an update on the challenge and keep your eyes peeled for challenge number 3. It will be here before you know it.


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