Week 2 In Review: Nothing but Water!

If you follow our Instagram account, you probably already have an idea of where this blog post is going. And we are a little sheepish about it.

Let’s start off by saying that we thought we drank a lot of water before. And the fact of the matter is, we did drink mostly water before this week. But as Bethany quipped on the ‘gram, “mostly water” is different than “nothing but water.”

It was a struggle. We aren’t coffee-every-morning people; but Bethany got Josh a pour-over cone for Christmas, and he loves blueberry coffee. If he doesn’t make some at home, sometimes he’ll walk to the convenient store by his work that, lo and behold, brews blueberry coffee as well. Josh drinks coffee 2 to 3 times a week But not this week!

Bethany nannies a toddler every day, and sometimes the afternoons can drag so she likes to make a cup of tea or hot chocolate (usually tea) as a pick-me-up. Not this week. We just let those afternoons drag on. (Little dramatic, but hopefully you get our drift.)

So over all, not a fun week. We never realized how much of a difference the coffee and tea could make. We were super strict this week and didn’t even allow ourselves to drink flavored water. Let’s just say that the entire week felt pretty bland.

Going without Netflix was definitely easier than drinking nothing but water. Maybe that says something about our priorities, like it’s easier to say no to distracting entertainment but not physical appetites?

After this week we plan to go back to our normal drinking habits. This challenge served as a solid reminder that a little flavor hear and there can really brighten our days. We still plan to consume the daily recommended amount of water, but there will be some coffee and chocolate milk thrown in there as well for balance.

What do you think? Do you think it would be harder for you to give up Netflix or drink nothing but water? Let us know.

Also, follow along as we give up our toaster for our 3rd challenge.

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