Medieval Times Adventure

We had the glorious opportunity to visit our local Medieval Times castle this past weekend. In case you have never been to Medieval times, buckle up because we have a run down for you. Keep in mind that our experiences relate to the Baltimore. Maryland location. Some of our experiences, good or bad, may be specific to our location.

Bethany was the one who wanted to visit Medieval Times. She had visited once before as a kid. Josh had zero experience with what Medieval Times was or what they offered. However, he did some intense study of knights, their culture, history, etc as a child, so he was fairly prepared. That being said, if you have no previous experience, there is no need to worry. If you cant tell the difference between a serf or a squire there is no need to fear. You can still have a grand ole time.

Our location is connected to Arundel Mills Mall. That meant we had to navigate weekend mall traffic to find a parking place. But it also enabled us to casually stroll about the mall before and after the show. So the pros and cons basically canceled each other out.

We were encouraged to arrive early to get a good seat. We did arrive almost an hour early and the line to check-in was still fierce. One thing we noticed almost immediately was a lack of signage and staff members that were able to answer questions correctly. There were four windows for check-in. Each had a different sign. There were two lines we could get into. One was marked “Will Call”; however, we were informed by a staff member that they did not offer will call services. We were able to check-in using our e-tickets, but we waited in line for a solid 20 minutes. We were assigned a section to sit in and a table to dine at. The table dictated where we sat in the stands and who our server would be. The section was assigned a knight to cheer for.

We waited another 30 or so minutes before the gates to the “banquet hall” were opened and we were able to take our seat. Our waiter was top notch. He definitely played up the medieval theme. He told us our meal would consist of dragon meat and winter veggies. Twas all in jest. All in all, out meal was garlic bread, very well seasoned tomato soup, a full half of a chicken, corn, half a potato, with dessert and coffee closer to the end of the performance.

The entire experience lasted about two hours. In the beginning Joshua was a bit skeptical. The story lines were a little childish and the theatrics were a bit over the top. The had several horses doing tricks and showing off. The knights from each section competed with each other to gain points and have the opportunity to represent the queen as her champion. Typical medieval story line. But the climax of the performance was a series of jousting and fighting tournaments. By the end of the night Joshua had to hold himself back from jumping up to cheer for the knight representing our section. Spoiler alert, our knight won the evening and the title of “Queen’s Champion”.

Conclusions: Our experience at Medieval Times was pretty good.

We were able to find a coupon for our tickets. The regular price is a little steep. We definitely would recommend using a coupon or going when they are running some kind of special.

The food was delicious. It was well seasoned and filling for both of us. It was surprising to see them feed so many people and still maintain a solid dining experience.

Everything was kid friendly. The violence and even the death of a few knights was not graphic or grotesque in any way. There was no stabbing at all. The deaths resulted from a smack to the chest or stomach and the “dead” knight was helped off the field by his squire. There was no blood at all. They did a very good job walking the line of “acceptable violence”. It was entertaining enough for an adult to enjoy the show while being clean enough for a child to enjoy the show. Props to Medieval Times. That is a hard line to walk.

Overall our experience was very positive. We enjoyed the food and the show. We would definitely go again. We would encourage anyone considering attending a show to verify parking, be willing to deal with lines and crowds, and be willing to suspend disbelief a little bit to fully enjoy the show. Also, avoid the subtle upcharge opportunities with flag purchases, glow swords, special drinks, etc. Be prepared to say no if you are sticking to a specific budget.

What will our next adventure be? You will have to follow along to find out!


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