Week 4: All The Silence

Week 4 of no Spotify is complete!

Wow. It was a bit of a rough week. We did make it though. No cheating this week. I mean, we try to not cheat at all, but Bethany almost did a few times this week.

Bethany’s days at work were very quiet. Bethany even shared her goal for the week with her boss, and she adhered to it while Bethany was at her home. Two days during the week Bethany takes the little guy she nanny’s to the library for story time and then hangs out there to take advantage of the books and toys. Bethany was able to stay busy so those two days were not as bad as the other days. But it was still very quiet, and very sad, most of the week.

Confession time: Bethany is kind of obsessed with Veggie Tales. She grew up watching all the originals, and it is all still very close to her heart. She and her munchkin usually listen to it all day. Luckily she has most of the lyrics memorized so she sang some of them for/with her little guy. But it wasn’t the same.

Bethany did find some nice playlists on YouTube for folk music or instrumental worship. She listened to these while working on projects during afternoon naptime. This worked out because she always brings her laptop to work, so that was the device she used to listen. It wasn’t as convenient as using her phone to stream music, but it didn’t use data and the music would keep playing even when the screen went dark.

Morning routines and work commutes were less pleasant as well. Spotify is usually playing while Bethany gets ready in the morning, and on her way to and from work. This week she listened to the radio instead which was fine, but not her preference.

Joshua did not really struggle this week. There were only two specific times when he wanted to look up a specific song or artist and he almost opened Spotify. Luckily he remembered the challenge for the week and just chose to listen to the music in his head using his memory. Joshua doesn’t really use Spotify as much as Bethany. He has been using YouTube since college, so he has several music playlists and such saved and at his fingertips. YouTube is his go to music platform of choice. He also doesn’t really listen to music as he gets ready or drives to work. He is usually talking or singing out loud. Who needs a music app when we have voices?

This week we were reminded that we CAN, in fact, live without Spotify. But Bethany would rather we didn’t. She is music obsessed and enjoys having a soundtrack for almost every moment of her life. This may not necessarily a good thing,  but it is a fact that music brings joy to life. And in the day and age in which we live, music is easily accessible via music-streaming sites. We hardly ever purchase compact discs any more. Spotify is a part of our life, and we don’t think that is a bad thing.

Going without Spotify didn’t make our lives less burdensome. Having Spotify doesn’t make our lives more complicated. In the end, we can indeed live without it. But going without it does not bring any obvious benefits to our lives.

Please share your thoughts if you gave something up last week. We would love to hear your feedback. Also, are you obsessed with music streaming like Bethany or do you have your own mental soundtrack like Joshua?

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