Week 9: Bye-Bye, Sweets!

Here it is. The week of no desserts is upon us!

We do not really consider ourselves to be huge dessert people. So we don’t really think that this week will be too difficult. But we thought the same thing back when we did “only water” week.  We thought we would be fine because we drank MOSTLY water in our daily lives; but we were wrong! That ended up being one of the hardest weeks of the year so far.

So let’s just say that we don’t THINK we are huge dessert people. We splurge sometimes and get Halo Top (or Aldi’s delicious generic brand). Joshua loves Kit-Kats so you might find those in our freezer on occasion (like this week, oops). Bethany enjoys baking so  cookies can be found in our cupboards sometimes. But this week, we are resisting the temptation to grab something sweet after dinner (or anytime really)!

Weekends are definitely the most challenging. That’s when we are home the most, and there is more snacking going on than during the week. Thankfully, with the way we’ve set up our weekly challenges, there will not be two weekend days in a row where we have to say no to the sugary urge!

The plan is to eat healthier things instead of dessert, or just eat less in general. Often we, as humans, eat because we are bored. We are challenging ourselves this week to go without dessert to see if we actually need it. Spoiler alert: we probably don’t.

We may find it is one of those things that just makes life more enjoyable, as we learned during our week without Spotify. Or we may find that we don’t need it at all and are healthier for it. If we do feel the need for something sweet as a snack or post-dinner, we are planning to reach for apples and peanut butter or almonds. At times in the past, Bethany has in fact said no to dessert and instead made a cup of tea. This week, that will be her go to option.

To be clear, this week we are not giving up added sugar. That will be a different (even more challenging) week. We are giving up specific sugary, dessert options. So coffee is allowed. Putting sugar in our coffee or tea is allowed. But having a cookie with our hot drinks is not allowed.

We also want to clarify that desserts are disallowed all day during the week. We mentioned after dinner because that is when we usually eat our dessert treats. But Joshua has been known to eat an occasional cookie for breakfast. He is not proud of it, but it has happened. That is NOT allowed.

Also, our goal this week is to go without, not to replace. We are planning to use the tea or apples with peanut butter only in extreme emergencies, when we are still hungry after our meal.

Giving up sweets for a week would be a great opportunity for YOU to jump in on one of our challenges. If you decide to forgo these sugary treats with us, please let us know. We want to cheer you on! Be looking for the results next week. Also, feel free to check out the other things we have given up and what we have learned so far.

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