Week 13: Life Without Fluff

Imagine how much simpler your life would be without all the fluff. You would be able to say what you think without having to add fluff to soften the blow. You would be able to find out the price of an item without all of the fluffy, deceptive sales tactics. You would also be able to attend carnivals without having to eat cotton candy and risking a sugar high and the ever-impending stomachache. But if we removed all the sources of fluff from your life, you would also have to give up pillows.

Well, that is what we are planning to do this week. No pillows. None on our bed. None when we sleep. None on the couch. None for decoration. None for comfort. No pillows at all. To be  completely honest, we are kind of freaked out. We are both pretty comfy people. We love chillaxing in our house in our lounge pants and comfy hoodies, surrounded by pillows and other comfy items. That may sound odd (or insane or excessive). But it is our reality. We live life by the motto, “Another pillow could make this place even more comfortable.”

Okay, that may be a slight exaggeration, but the truth is that we both love pillows. Giving them up this week is not something we are excited about or looking forward to by any stretch of the imagination. But we want to see how important they really are. Is it something extra that makes life more fun and comfortable, or do we actually need them while we sit on our couch and sleep in our beds?

To clarify, we are only giving up pillows. We are not removing cushions, squishy chairs, bean bags, or large blocks of foam that are used when one of us is working out. We may look at giving those up in the future. But this week we are only going without pillows. That should be torture enough.

The only semi-exception is related to Bethany’s job. She is a nanny. As we have stated in the past we are not going to force other people to give up or go without items against their will. The only time our #52weekswithout has affected her little guy was during the week of no Spotify. Let’s be honest–they listen to Veggie Tales mostly for her, not the tiny human. He participated in that week by proxy.

All of that is just to say that her munchkin will be using a pillow. The pillows in their house and on their couch will stay. But the ones in our house will have to be stockpiled in a room, far away to minimize the temptation to sneak a pillow into bed one night.

This may lead to horrifically restless nights. We may not sleep a wink all week. This may be one of the most uncomfortable weeks of our lives to date. Or we could find that we were both being ridiculous. We will report back at the end of the week. Also, when you see us and we appear to be walking around in pain, please do not ridicule. It could be due to improper back alignment during sleep and thus the peg-legged gait.

Let us know if you think you could give up all the pillows in your house. Please let us know if you plan to join in on the adventure.

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