Week 15: Fork-et About It

We are back to giving up what some may consider a daily necessity. Goodbye FORKS! All soups, cereals, sauces, and salads will be consumed without the use of a fork. We have already eaten omelets, salads, and veggies with spoons. The cool thing about posting this blog two days later than usual means we already have an idea of how interesting our week is going to be.

Giving up forks is another exercise in minor inconveniences. We both know that we can survive without forks. But we never realized how useful they were until we had to eat a giant salad with naught but a spoon. Sidenote: if you go back and chop the salad up in very fine bits it can actually be really fun to eat.

We have already seen that our meals have an added dose of laughter as we each try to eat our normal foods with less utensils. Just try eating noodles or large quantities of meat with a spoon and try not to laugh

We are pretty sure that we will not be giving up all of our forks in the future. The experiment this week is not meant to show us an area where we can cut back or downsize. We both agree forks are a basic necessity in the traditional American household. Our hope for this week is a greater appreciation for the small things in life.

It is easy to take the basic essentials of our daily lives for granted. Utensils for our food are things we have used since we were born. But there are people all across the world who eat without utensils or maybe they only have one full set of utensils to use. Maybe this week will inspire us to use less dishes on a weekly basis. Maybe we we will find that we don’t need as many utensils as we currently have.

It is definitely proving to be a lesson in patience. Ordinary, every day tasks now take a few seconds longer than usual. That delay can be quite frustrating, or we can allow these experiences to teach us something.

At the very least we will have cool stories to tell and added laughter as we make life work without forks this week. This challenge should be fairly easy and accessible to all. Feel free to join us and let us know so we can cheer you on.

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