Week 15 In Review: Forkless & Fancy Free

Our week without forks was more difficult, and more interesting, than our week without spoons. It was tough, but we were resourceful. The most difficult part came when we were eating food that we traditional stab: i.e. meat, salad, pasta, etc.

We definitely received some weird looks from people while eating our lunches in public. We can only imagine how odd we looked eating our grilled chicken and veggie salad with a spoon. There were more than a chuckle or two thrown our way. But we found a way to scoop what we usually stabbed. We were determined to eat our food at all costs.

So what did we learn? Nothing ground breaking. To start, we realized that we use forks significantly more than we use spoons. Not sure if everyone is the same, but our food choices work much better when we are able to utilize a pronged instrument.

We also learned that eggs can be really fun to eat with a spoon. And a salad can be consumed via spoon if it is chopped a little more finely than normal. (Bethany is actually considering eating salads with ONLY spoons from now on.)

Forks are definitely staying around in our utensil rotation. But it was very interesting to catch a glimpse of what life would be like without them.

Pretty confident if our world ever experienced a shortage of pronged cooking or dining utensils, we would survive. This week may have prepared us for an upcoming epidemic.

Sporks may be the way of the future. Or maybe not. Keeping spoons and forks separate definitely seems to work. What are your thoughts on the entire utensil thing? Are there any weird ways you use your utensils? Do you eat ice cream with a fork? Do you eat peas with a knife? Are spoons only for liquid food? You decide.

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