Week 18: Where Are All the Cheeps?

We have already learned that giving up certain foods is a terrible thing. But there can be some benefits. We are hoping to learn something good this week. We are giving up one of our favorite snacks. The crispy, crunchy snack affectionately known as the chip.

Life without chips actually seems hopeless. Can life without crunch actually be enjoyable? We are destined to discover the answer this week.

We aren’t exactly sure what is so appealing about chips. Maybe it is the crunch of each bite. Maybe it is the saltiness of each offering that is so appealing. Maybe it is the mouth-watering combination of flavors Frito-Lay is able to create that keeps us coming back for more.

We try to maintain a pretty clean, healthy diet on a weekly basis. We eat plenty of fruits, veggies, and lean meats. We try to limit sugar, excess carbohydrates and liquid calories. But when it comes to chips it is almost like we have found our Kryptonite. We can turn down an extra piece of cake. We are usually able to avoid other types of junk food as well. But when it comes to chips, it is a struggle to deny our old crunchy friends.

Over the past few years we have tried to limit ourselves to tortilla chips or homemade chips. We tell ourselves that it is at least a smidge healthier if we make the chips ourselves and avoid the preservative chemicals pumped into a bag of goodness.

So this week we are quitting cold turkey. We went to bed Saturday night allowed to eat chips and woke up Sunday with a chip restriction.

Our plan is to find alternative foods to add crunch to our dishes or avoid crunchy items altogether. Maybe bolder flavors will distract from the missing crunch element.

We are pretty confident that we will not be giving up chips in for the long-term, but our goal this week is twofold. We want to prove to ourselves that we can actually give up chips. We are going to show those crunchy fiends that they hold no power over us. But we are also hoping to identify how often we actually do eat chips and maybe fill some of those slots with healthier options moving forward.

This is a great opportunity for you to jump in on a challenge with us. We encourage you to identify one item that may have a bit of a stronghold in your life.

Maybe you give up or limit your coffee intake. Maybe you decide to park your car further from your office and walk a bit more. Find the small things that are limiting your full potential and challenge the preconceptions in your mind. You just might see yourself do things you never thought possible. Then you should let us know what happens. We want to cheer with you.

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