Week 18 Recap: Bump Up the Crunch Factor to Level 9!

We completed week 18 with no slip-ups! But it was still challenging. Saying no to our favorite crunchy snack, chips, was not easy at all.

As we mentioned before, we are crunch-lovers. Give us that salty crunch to munch and we are as happy as a pig in poop. This past week, we had to find different ways to fulfill our snack cravings and desires for something crispy and delicious.

We ended up purchasing some woven wheat crackers from Aldi mid-way through: not because we were that desperate, but because Joshua is a sweet husband who surprised Bethany with some delicious treats after getting home late. One of those treats was a box of said crackers. It was nice to have something sort of crunchy to snack on while we watched Jeopardy! that night. (Yes we do watch Jeopardy! No, we are not senior citizens.)

When it came to other snack times, Bethany’s plan was to make hummus so we could eat it with veggies during the week when we needed something quick. Also yay for a healthier snack! But alas, the week got away from her and hummus did not get made until yesterday . . . the day AFTER our challenge ended. So our snacks during the week consisted of cheese sticks, mini pickles, and spoonfuls of peanut butter. Joshua believes he just ate less food in general. But Bethany is cranky to the max when she is hungry, so snacks had to be hunted down!

Besides needing another item to “go without” this year, one of the reasons we chose to give up chips was because we are trying to maintain healthy lifestyles. Frankly, chips are a stumblingblock in our quest to healthiness. Bethany does struggle with it more than Joshua does, and she is also the one struggling with feeling healthy more often than he does. So when we went grocery shopping this past Friday, even though we technically can eat chips this week and next and so forth, we purchased less chips than we normally do. There was a time when we were purchasing several bags of chips during each bi-weekly shopping trip. While we ate healthy most of the time during our meals, snack-time was and is another story. This past week of going chipless gave us the opportunity to find that yes we can live without them, and yes there are other creative, healthy snacks.

Moving forward, we want to continue to be intentional with our snack choices. Hummus and veggies, a handful of peanuts, a baby dill, or frozen grapes are all excellent choices that we used to ignore. But we are going to do our best to say no to the cravings for Buffalo Blue Cheese Doritos or Twisted BBQ Fritos. Excessively eating foods full of unhealthy carbs, artificial flavors and chemicals, fat, and sodium makes you feel gross and can also negatively impact your personal health in a very real way. We want to put a stop to that right now.

Notice we said “excessively eating.” We understand that sometimes it’s nice to get a special treat, to splurge on some goodies if we are going to the movies or on a road trip. But to reach for unhealthy snacks every time is not a good idea for the sake of our health and overall well-being.

It was a good week. We learned a lot and are excited to move forward with our newfound knowledge and renewed desire to snack on healthier food items.

Stay tuned to see what we are giving up next week.

2 thoughts on “Week 18 Recap: Bump Up the Crunch Factor to Level 9!

  1. Pop Pop gets super delicious crackers made with quinoa, flax seeds and chia seeds. We switched over to them from triscuits. We put low fat laughing cow soft swiss cheese on them and they are delicious and very crunchy as well as good for us. I can take little bites and be satisfied because they are bursting with flavor! They are really tasty even with nothing on them. The amount per serving is high while the calorie count is low. BTW, LOVE YOUR BLOG!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not sure what happened, but we are just now seeing these posts from you. So sorry we haven’t responded until now. We will be more diligent. WE love hearing your feedback. It is so lovely Please keep sharing stories.


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