Week 19: No Bed, Bro

We seem to learn so much from the challenges that impact our sleep or sleeping methods. Our week without pillows was incredibly impactful to our lives. We learned so much about the way we sleep, the pillows we should be using, and much more. So how was our week without a bed? Truthfully, it was very interesting and kind of fun.

We spent the first several nights sleeping on our living room couches. Come to find out, we have really comfy couches. We both slept fairly well. We tended to wake up a little more often during the night, but we believe that was due to noise from outside and the occasional set of flashing lights. Sleeping in our living room put us closer to a street facing window, and apparently our neighbors enjoy nighttime joy-rides. Luckily we did not notice any significant impact on our overall feelings of restedness.

The most difficult nights were the ones we spent on the floor. Several articles we read shared some benefits of sleeping on the floor. One compared it to an all night massage for your muscles. We disagree with that comparison. We definitely woke up sore after sleeping on the floor, but it worked itself out after being awake for a few minutes.

Joshua spent more time on the floor based on some traveling arrangements and his intrigue with the whole muscle massage theory. He definitely woke up sore and stiff after his nights on the floor; but as we mentioned previously, the soreness went away after a few minutes of being awake. He has never had a full body massage, so this could be a common feeling from muscles that are already tight or sore. Further research would be required.

The biggest thing we learned is that we can basically sleep anywhere as long as we have a pillow and some kind of covering for warmth. So for us, a pillow is more important than a comfy bed. Our minds were blown when we came to that realization. But we did indeed find this to be true as we looked back over the week and discussed our experience. Although our sleep was mildly affected by sleeping in a different location, it was nothing drastic and these negative effects could definitely be reduced if we decided to maintain this habit. This week was not as much of a struggle as our week without pillows.

One other thing we learned is that maybe we could sleep on couches on a regular basis, as long as those couches were in a designated “sleeping space.” It was challenging to keep up with our ordinary bedtime routine because we were sleeping in an entirely different place, a different room with different furniture. . . without our clock, bedside lamp, chapstick, and the like. If we ever decided to drastically change the furniture we sleep on, we would still want it to be in a “bed” room so that we always have our necessary before-bed or early-morning items.

All in all, it was a bit of a strange week but not bad. We could continue, if we wanted to or discovered the need to. This past week definitely made us more grateful for our massively comfy bed and having a room specifically designated for sleeping. What do you think? When you have to sleep somewhere besides your own bed – or any bed at all – does it make your sleep better or worse?

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