Week 20: Writing In the Dark Ages

This week we have decided to regress as humans and give up the use of inked writing devices. This includes pens, markers, and potentially eyeliner. We will be rocking pencils and mechanical variants. This decision is based partly on several conversations we have had with co-workers, friends, and family members. We are also hoping it will give us a new appreciation for our pens, or an increased desire to use pencils in our daily lives.

It is also an opportunity for us to discover, once and for all, which writing tool is best. All joking aside, we are very interested to see if using a pencil has any effect on us. We have some speculations that it could impact certain aspects of our creativity, writing endurance, and literary thoughtfulness. But these are all speculations. We will see how the week turns out.

Joshua will be rocking an old school pencil all week, while Bethany has opted to carry a mechanical pencil. We have already begun to see some subtle influences in our writing and creativity, but we will save our findings for the follow-up post. Be sure to check the follow up post next weekend.

The biggest negatives we hear regarding pencil usage is the fact that it is lighter than pen ink and therefore more difficult to see at times. The fact of frequent sharpening is also brought up when people offer excuses not to use a pencil. We purchased a sharpener specially for this week. We are eager to see if pencil sharpening is actually inconvenient. Regarding the darkness of the pencil lead, we can only recommend selecting a pencil that is darker. We learned that pencils come in many different shades. Who knew?

In terms of exceptions, there aren’t too many that we are allowing this week. We are allowed to use a pen if there is some vitally important document that requires our signatures. We do not plan on signing anything vitally important in the week to come, but we want to include the exception in case such an occasion should arise.

The second exception is as follows: Joshua is allowed to use dry erase markers if he has to write on the dry erase boards/walls at work. This is a rare occasion, but it can happen. Typically he is not requested to write at work meetings as his dry erase marker skills are sub-par at best.

This post is short and sweet because the challenge for this week is pretty straightforward. We are going to do our best to only write with pencils in all situations and scenarios.

Let us know if this would be a challenge for you? Could you give up the use of pens aside from serious signing moments? Do you think pens or pencils are better and why?

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