Week 21 Recap: A Pinteresting Development

Our week without Pinterest is complete. Feelings are mixed.

After a week without access to our boards and the host of ideas captured in image form we don’t feel all that different. It is a bit surprising to us. There were a few times where we wanted to look something up and save it for later, or maybe just kill a few minutes while waiting in a lobby for an appointment. But these times were few and far between.

Bethany did miss Pinterest a bit. She deleted it off her phone so she wouldn’t be tempted; and there were a few times that she wanted to open it up quickly to occupy a small time frame. But it was not a big struggle to remember “Oh wait, we don’t have that this week,” and shrug it off. She learned that it is nice to have Pinterest, but can most certainly live without it.

It definitely was not as difficult to give up as we thought it would be. We believe one of the biggest reasons is linked to the fact that Pinterest is not a direct social platform. There is actually significant debate between Pinterest creators and consumers regarding the social status of the media platform.

We mentioned in our previous post that we viewed Pinterest a bit differently than other social media platforms. It is much easier to put it into the category of useful tools. We mentioned that we like to use it to do research, seek inspiration, and save ideas for future plans.

It is easier to focus on the discovery and not get caught up in the comparison trap. We rarely know who originally took the photo, styled the room, chose the outfit. We definitely have no connection to the random people in the photos. It is like flipping through a magazine with a search function. That being said, it is still easy to get caught up in the advertising. We do have to be careful that we do not slip from discovery into discontentment.

It is great to seek inspiration until we allow that inspiration to create dissatisfaction for what we currently have. Life is not about getting new things, buying more stuff, and building a picture perfect environment. It is about so much more than just stuff. If you purchase things along the way and they happen to look good in photos, congrats! But that should not be the goal.

We are both torn about the function of social media in our lives and in our society as a whole. All of these mobile apps can be such useful tools. Our week without Pinterest really showed us the difference in the way we use different forms of social interaction platforms, as well as how much or little it takes up our time.

Moving forward we want to continue to use these tools as such. We want them to help us connect, help inspire, and help motivate us into action. Take the friends you have and actually talk to them. Take the pins you have and create something. Take your followers and offer something more.


4 thoughts on “Week 21 Recap: A Pinteresting Development

  1. I like to pin recipes on Pinterest and make dinner with them. I love flowers and have a Garden Board. My DYI , Thoughts, Life Hacks, Humour, Unusual, Staircases, Colors, Stained Glass Weiner Dogs, Animal Babies, Giraffes, Turtles and
    Elephants boards are my favorite! I enjoy seeing All God’s Creatures, Dolls and Children, Tea Parties, and Old Handkerchiefs. These boards lift my spirit.
    God’s world is filled with a myriad of things to see! Pinterest gives me a pictoral access to the world. Love you Guys!

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  2. Did you have Pinterest at the very beginning, when you had to get an invitation to join? I absolutely loved it back then… There were no ads or suggested pins or whatever they call them now. There was also less of the links that go to shady websites, they were much more legit. Once it started changing I left and haven’t regretted it since. It was good when it started.


    1. I have used a pencil for work almost exclusively since this week. I find it helps me focus more and helps me feel more creative and engaged during brainstorming sessions. (Although it could all be in my head. Haha) – Joshua


      1. That’s awesome! Even if it’s all in your head that doesn’t necessarily make it any any less real! Kind of like the placebo effect – the results are still real.


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