Week 22: Things Get a Bit Chilly and Damp

We have found that one of the modern conveniences that we take for granted most often is hot water. We understand that hot water has existed for decades. But the accessibility, steamy temperatures, and use of hot water have seen a drastic uptick  over the past few years. We use it when we shower, wash out hands, make coffee, cook food, and many other mindless, normal activities. But how essential is it? Can we live without it? We are going to find out this week.

This week we shall endeavor to give up all hot water in our life. We will shower in cold water. We will wash our hands in cold water. We will be skipping out on hot coffee or tea. We will endeavor to avoid using hot water in the items we cook as well. In every scenario we can imagine a use for hot water, we are determined to find a workaround.

Obviously the cold showers will be the most challenging part of this experiment. But we have already begun doing research on how to make the most out of cold showers. There are mixed reviews, but we have found several positive articles regarding the benefits of cold showers.

We will see if the additional cold water helps regulate our bodies temperature, wake us up faster, and promote faster shower times (the last one is almost definitely true). We will see if there are any benefits for decreasing post workout soreness and increasing and increasing muscle recovery. This adventure could have several positive benefits.

The biggest negative is forcing our body to endure the cold temperatures. It is not comfortable. However, we are finding more and more that uncomfortable things are beneficial for us (like only drinking water or making do with one vehicle).

It will also be a struggle to go without coffee and tea this week. If there is an option for the cold version of these beverages we may acquiesce, but we do not foresee this happening. We have given up these drinks before, so we know it is possible to go without them. But we also already know we don’t like it!

Bethany did break the rule on Sunday when she made ground turkey for chili. For the sake of sanitation and safety, she used hot water to wash her hands and the device she used to open the package. Hopefully the only time we may have to use warm water this week is if we give our doggo a bath. She isn’t the biggest fan of water in the first place. We don’t want to shock her even more by tossing her in an icy bath.

If there are any other exceptions we have throughout the week we will report back in our follow-up blog post. We endeavor to be as honest as possible throughout this year long challenge. We are learning so much along the way.

Do you think you could make it for one week without hot water? What would be the toughest part for you? We love hearing back from you guys. Please let us know if you have any ideas for things we could give up this year. We have our year pretty close to fully planned, but are always open to great ideas.

4 thoughts on “Week 22: Things Get a Bit Chilly and Damp

  1. Now that I am getting older, I find my joints sometimes hurt or I get leg cramps that wake me up in the night. I have to run hot water directly over the top of my foot to relax the muscle.
    I do not think I could live without hot water!
    Pop Pop and I love to go to the gym and relax our joints and muscles. Hot water is such a blessing especially if one suffers from arthritis. Proud of both of you for meeting each of your challenges!

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    1. We wash most of our laundry with cold water! For the dishes, for sanitary/health reasons, we did opt to continue using the dishwasher which does use hot water, as well as wash in hot water by hand dishes that had touched raw meat. But we did use cold water for as many things as possible 🙂


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