Week 23: The Oral Hygiene Experiment

Toothbrushes. We are going without toothbrushes this week. Now, before you freak out, please know we are not sacrificing our oral hygiene for the week. We are, however, removing the tool that enables us to achieve this end goal more easily.

We are determined to spend time this week attempting to find alternative ways to clean our teeth. This is definitely one of the weekly challenges we selected because of the potential fun that could be involved in hunting down alternative oral hygiene options.

We don’t particularly like this challenge, but we have already tried a few ways of keeping our teeth clean and breath fresh. We have a few more ideas, but we are certainly open to suggestions. Feel free to share suggestions in a comment or in person.

We are determined not to simply neglect to brush all week. We may become professional teeth flossing machines, our dentist would be so proud. But is daily flossing enough? Again, we are planning to do the research.

Does a toothbrush lend any more benefits to oral hygiene besides convenience? We will do research and discover for ourselves this week!

One thought on “Week 23: The Oral Hygiene Experiment

  1. This is interesting. It reminds me of this one time when I was talking to co-workers and we got on the topic of teeth, and one co-worker said she flosses then brushes her teeth and I have always brushed my teeth then flossed then use mouthwash. It had never occurred to me that people might do things in a different order!

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