Week 24: Pre & Post Blog. Who’s Got The Time?

Life has been a hailstorm of craziness. Two weeks ago we were both quite sick. After we recovered enough to function again as normal human beings and eat solid food, Momma and Papa Rushing came into town for a visit. Momma Rushing had a rough bout of vertigo which laid her up for several days and greatly impacted our lives.

That is the Cliff Notes version of why we are posting our blogs so late and why we skipped the pre-week blog for this week. Apologies all around.

Last week we gave up wearing our watches. Now, some of you may have audibly scoffed after reading that previous sentence. Do people still wear watches? Do these people understand that our technological devices tell us time, as well as, inform us of weather, social events, provide up to date maps with traffic information, and a whole host of other things?

To answer the original question, yes, we wear watches. We also know the capabilities of our technological devices. We are passionate about simple, intentional living. We also believe that small changes can have a major impact. One of the best small changes we made was choosing to wear a watch every day.

There was a time that we both went without watches. We depended on our cellular devices to keep us informed of the time. But we found that checking our phones for the time made it easier for us to jump on to “quickly” check some emails, catch up on social media, or play one round of that game. We wanted to limit the distractions, so we started wearing watches again.

The watches we wear are not flashy or high tech. The tell time, light up, and have a lap timing option. The one choice to use a watch for time instead of our phones has allowed us to disconnect. But this week, that was not an option.

We took our watches off Saturday night before bed and left them off all week. To be completely honest, we strongly disliked it. Our week without watches was difficult, but not for the reasons we have stated in the past. We both saw an uptick in the number of times we clicked our phone screen on throughout the week.

Each time we clicked that button or tapped our screen on, we opened ourselves up to a world of distractions. And even if we didn’t click the notification and get lost down the rabbit hole of distraction, we still had the thoughts nagging at the back of our minds, “What did they mean by that? Why are they emailing me at this time? Does that mean what I think it does?”

Our simple choice to wear a watch has a domino affect of positivity in our lives. By using a watch we are able to limit the time we spend on our phones. This allows us to stay more focused and intentional in our daily lives. This enables us to accomplish more and devote full mind-power and effort into each task.

Please do not mistake what we are saying. We still struggle with focus, single-tasking, and intentional living. Our watches do not remove all struggle. But having a watch has made the fight a bit more feasible.

We find that we accomplish more things of value, engage in deeper conversations, and enjoy life to a fuller extent when we live simply and intentionally. Wearing a watch is one of the small tools we use to make the dream of a less connected, more intentional life a reality.

What are some small things you do to help you focus? We encourage you to find ways to focus on what truly matters and limit the distractions. Far too many things are fighting for our attention. We need to fight even harder to make sure we live intentionally.

2 thoughts on “Week 24: Pre & Post Blog. Who’s Got The Time?

  1. It’s good to question why you do something but I love that you don’t stop doing something without a good reason! I just recently started wearing a watch, I hadn’t before for years and years. I had to reasons (1) I needed to know what time it is during those times when my phone and a clock wasn’t easily spotted and (2) I wanted to keep track of my heart rate so I couldn’t get a basic watch.

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