Week 25: Shoe Better Believe It

This is the week. The week we test our fashion limits. This week, we will be wearing only one pair of shoes.

Let’s talk about why we are doing this before we reveal which shoes we will be solely (get it?) wearing this week.

From day one of learning about minimalism and making the choice to start this journey, shoes have been a frequent topic of discussion. How many pairs of shoes is too many? How many is enough? Could we survive with just three pairs, five pairs, two pairs, ten pairs? How much money should we be investing in shoes? We know they are important for reasons such as the ones explained here, but how much is too much to spend on “high-quality” footwear?

Long-time minimalists encourage those who are new to minimalism to try paring down possessions to numbers. We’ve read articles and listened to podcasts and watched YouTube videos about how many pairs of shoes so-and-so owns, and why everyone should only own that many.

This week, we will put all of this to the test, and here are the main two reasons. We want to be keenly aware of how shoes are beneficial to our lives, and we also want to find out if we really need as many as we think we do. We have already thrown out or donated about 40% of the shoes we owned previously (approx. since the Fall). But do we still own too many? We hope this week will shed some light on this question.

This week we will only have one pair of shoes to wear every day, everywhere we go. One of the ways to find out if you have excess is by eliminating all but a few essential items to see if you notice the items you eliminated. Did you miss the items? Did you need them? Did you even remember you had those items at all?

We have already tested this out with clothing. Several times since we began this journey in September, Bethany has gone through her clothes and put the things she wasn’t sure she needed or wanted in a box, and then hid it in a closet somewhere. Very rarely did she return to or even remember the majority of the items in the box! We’ll see if the same thing happens this week with our shoes.

So what is the only pair you will see us donning this week? Bethany will be wearing her Chacos all week! She is very excited about this because she basically lives in them anyway. She already wears them to work every day. The challenge will be when we go to church, and anywhere else that requires slightly dressier shoes. Chacos, in Bethany’s opinion, are one of the best footwear investments you can make. They have served her well over the past three years and she is looking forward to having an excuse to wear them nonstop this week.

Joshua will be wearing a set of high top, leather Chuck Taylor’s. He has owned these shoes since 2012. They perfectly straddle the line between classy and casual. They are comfortable enough to be work in most life scenarios. They can be worn with a suit or a pair of shorts and a t shirt.

Joshua sees two potential issues. 1. It is going to be quite the struggle to wear his converse shoes for any kind of running style cardio. He plans to look for a different way to train on his non-lifting days (possibly biking). 2. He has owned these shoes for quite some time. That means they are worn in and fit well, but that also means all the padding is gone. He may need to find some inserts or additional comfort.

We are excited for this week’s challenge! We know it will be tough, but we think it will also be a bit fun. Have you ever used only one pair of shoes for a week or longer, maybe on vacation? (Maybe on accident?) Please share your stories in comments, messages, or via email. Cheers!

One thought on “Week 25: Shoe Better Believe It

  1. I had a foot injury and last year started wearing only Vibram Five Fingers (toe shoes). It actually helped a ton and I love them. But I do own more shoes than that, I currently have 6 pairs of shoes but know that I could easily get rid of 2 pairs without an issue because I never wear them, I just never get around to throwing them in the donate box.

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