Week 25 Recapped: Shoe You Gonna Call?

Our week without all additional pairs of shoes is complete. In case you missed it, we both used a singular pair of shoes* for all purposes throughout the week. It was surprising for both of us, but for different reasons.

Bethany did in fact wear nothing but Chacos consistently this past week. Bethany has said, “I could literally wear these things every day,” many times since purchasing her Chacos nearly three years ago. This week she proved that statement to be quite true.

They never made her feet ache, or got annoying to wear, no matter how long she had to keep them on. Because they are so easy to slip on, she didn’t miss her flip-flops when taking the dog out. Because they are so casual, she didn’t miss sandals or tennis shoes when going to work.

The only time it felt a little awkward to be wearing them was Sunday morning at church. She felt the need to apologize or explain why she was wearing them. But you know what? Nobody noticed she was wearing a pair of shoes she “shouldn’t” be wearing.

Even if they did, or just thought they were weird, nobody questioned it. This experiment (among other similar ones we’ve done personally) has shown that people truly do not remember or care what you wear or how often you wear it. Our clothes are sort of a reflection of who we are, but we as humans definitely put way more thought and effort into it than we should. The way we live should be more important than the clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories we wear and use.

Joshua struggled more this week. His feet are are super flat due to Accessory Navicular Syndrome.  It typically makes his feet sore and thus causes walking and other normal activities to be fairly uncomfortable. It can be painful to run, jump, or even walk sometimes. He has always felt the need to wear a variety of shoes throughout the week to avoid wearing the same pair two days in a row. It helps his feat grow accustomed to a variety of support and shoe fitments.

He chose to wear his high top Chuck Taylor’s as his exclusive shoe this week. He believes his problems this week were due to the pair he chose to wear every day. The Chucks were not very breathable, and the soles were not super comfortable or supportive. This caused his feet to swell and ache throughout the week.

Although they are versatile in style, the specific materials used (and, truthfully, their age. He has owned the shoes for almost seven years) made wearing them all day every day a challenge. However, he did receive MANY compliments on them when he wore them with a suit while on the praise team on Sunday! Joshua thinks if they were a bit more breathable or supportive they could have been the perfect all-around shoe.

We each had a different experience this week only wearing one pair of shoes. Bethany said back in the Fall, when we first began discussing minimalism and the challenges of owning much less than we do, that she thought she would be fine with just two or three pairs of shoes. She knew one of those would have to be Chacos. This past week confirmed for her that Chacos are a prime shoe choice. They are durable, massively comfortable for long periods of time, as well as versatile. She encourages everyone who does anything outside or has feet to own a pair of Chacos.

Joshua believes that for his ideal closet, he would need several different pairs of shoes for both style and comfort. Keep in mind that we are in very different lines of work, which does affect our wardrobes and shoe choices. Bethany gets to wear sports shorts and tee shirts, while Josh must wear professional pants and collared shirts.

Overall the week showed us that we can both live with less shoes in our closet. Joshua donated two pairs to a local thrift store on Saturday.

These challenges continue to get more and more intense. Don’t miss our challenge next week! It is sure to enlighten you. Haha.

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