Week 27: No Convenient Food or Drink Choices

This week we are going to do something we have tried even before we started living more intentionally: we are giving up eating out.

For this challenge we are lumping in restaurants, convenient stores, and coffee shops, no matter what we would get there: full meals, snacks, drinks, coffee, ice cream, etc. Our only dining options will need to come from our home.

As we mentioned we have done things like this before. We have gone a week here and there without fast food. The goal was more focused on healthiness and not so much figuring out what things are essential in our lives.

For this challenge our goal is to see if we can either plan ahead and pack extra snacks and drinks. Or if we can simply live life without the snack or drink our mind tells us we so desperately need. The whole mind over matter thing is harder than it sounds.

We would not classify ourselves as frequent participants in convenient food choices. We eat out occasionally. We grab a snack from a gas station every now and again. And who doesn’t love to-go coffee or tea? But to say we “don’t do it often” requires a lot of relativism.

We may not do it often in comparison to people we know. But others should not be the measuring stick of our lives. We are always looking for areas where we can cut back, trim fat, and live more intentionally. Could this be an area where we have grown slack? Is it worth tightening things up?

We hope to discover the answer to all of this and more in the week ahead. What is something convenient you would struggle to live without? What are some ways you could make choices that make it easier to give up?

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