Week 28: To Reheat or Not to Reheat?

Our adventure continues as we roll into the next week and the next challenge. This week we are giving up the use of our microwave.

Some of you may remember that Joshua actually used to work for a company that had no microwave. So he is quite familiar with feasting upon cold lunches on a regular basis. But he does admit that ever since starting with his current company back in March he has grown very accustomed to having a microwave at his disposal. It makes reheating food fast and easy. But not this week!

Bethany has been blessed in that she has rarely had to experience a cold lunch, unless all of the lunch items were intended to be served cold. She is definitely not looking forward to the lunch temperatures in the week ahead.

We both intend to push ourselves outside our comfort zone. Some days we will pack things that are intended for cold consumption. Other days we will eat cold leftovers and try to focus on something other than the temperature of the food.

Even before beginning the week we both have an immense thankfulness for our microwave. We can only hope this is increased as we give up this appliance over the next seven days.

Who knows, we might end up becoming fans of cold soup and crackers. We could discover some new ways to consume old favorites.

We could also be opening ourselves up to some sad lunches throughout the week. Only time will tell.

What is an every day convenience you may take for granted, but you think you would struggle to live without? How can you push yourself outside you comfort zones to find the things you truly need in life? We want to hear from you!

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