Week 28 In Review: Unmicrowaveable

Last week we challenged ourselves to not use our microwave at all. We didn’t think it would be that much of a challenge–I mean, how often do we need to warm things up for a minute? We learned that we “need” to more often than we previously thought.

Bethany gave in twice, both with items related to her lunch. This meal was challenging because we keep our lunch items in a cooler until we get to work, and then transport them to a refrigerator. This is essential for keeping leftovers and other foods fresh and not getting nasty; but it also means that they stay COLD. Cold does not always mean delicious, especially when eating leftover mashed cauliflower or squash casserole. For other items, she was able to use the toaster oven at work. But some items just can’t be reheated in a toaster oven, and she definitely didn’t have time to fire up the stove and use a pan to reheat her lunch.

For all the other meals, Bethany was able to find workarounds or just go without. When she made muffins on Sunday and needed to melt butter, she used a small pan and low heat on the stove. Inconvenient, but not impossible.

Joshua did not struggle as much as Bethany did simply because he has a stronger will and greater discipline. He put up with the cold lunches and didn’t mind a bit. In fact, at his previous workplace, he ate cold lunches every day for almost a year because his boss didn’t see the need for a microwave. So he survived and all was well.

We figured out that we could live without a microwave. However, it certainly does make life simpler in many ways. Someone commented to us at the beginning of the week, “I couldn’t live without my microwave!” We learned that we can, but we prefer not too.

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