Week 29: Podcast-less

This week we are going without podcasts!

Joshua really enjoys podcasts. He has several that he listens to on a regular basis. He enjoys the knowledge, humor, and information that can be obtained from a variety of people with a variety of perspectives. This week he is going to listen to an audio-book instead. We shall see if it is the same, better, or not as good as listening to podcasts.

Bethany is an infrequent podcast-listener. She goes through phases of really enjoying them, but the majority of the time she just listens to music. (Which is why our no Spotify week was a major struggle for her!) The irony is that of all weeks, someone sent her a link to a podcast that made them think of her; and she has to wait until next week to listen to it!

How often do you listen to podcasts? It seems everyone and their mother are listening these days, and podcasts continue to gain in popularity. How difficult would it be for you to NOT listen to them for a certain amount of time? Many podcasts function as a series, and missing a week or even just a day can throw you off. We will find out this week how much it affects our day-to-day.

One thought on “Week 29: Podcast-less

  1. Most of my co-workers listen to podcasts and talk about them and recommend them to each other. I have actually never listened to one… Or at least nothing that was called a podcast that I know of. I also don’t listen to music much either, mostly just on my drive to and from work which is about 15 minutes each way.


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