Week 32: Radio Silence

This week we are giving up listening to the radio!

How often do we, being the old-souls that we are, actually turn on the radio? Not very often, if we are being truthful. However, during our year without, we are finding that things we barely use actually make our life more convenient than we recognize. This week we will see if it is more of an inconvenience then we previously considered.

As we have mentioned in former blog posts, we definitely have our preferred sound-fillers. Joshua quite enjoys his podcasts (although lately he has been flying through audio-books). Bethany is quite possibly addicted to Spotify and loves to discover new tunes. With so many audio mediums presenting unique thoughts and ideas for consumption, we find the radio is one of the last sources we choose to utilize.

Sometimes as we drive, we use it for background noise, when employing a CD or hooking up a phone to the auxiliary cord is too much work. This is really the only time where the radio is handy to have. Listening to a bit of music amidst raging static is rarely planned or our first choice.

Please don’t misunderstand what we are saying. We don’t mind the radio. It allows us to access a broad variety of local stations playing music, commentary, sports talk, news, etc. The content is good overall. We have just found that our listening time is usually taken up by Spotify, YouTube, CDs, and Audiobooks. Maybe we prefer those things because we like to be more in control of what information or songs hit our ears.

Maybe this week will show us how much we are missing by not listening to the radio. Sometimes you don’t know what you had until it is gone. Several of our challenges have shown us just how many things we take for granted in this life.

Be on the lookout for our follow-up to see how the week plays out!

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