Week 32 In Review: No Radio

Last week we went without our radios. Our goal was to see if merely telling ourselves that we could not use something would spark a renewed desire to use this nearly forgotten technology. It did not.

We have found in previous weeks that removing our access to things we rarely used actually created a renewed desire to use that item or functionality. We were never certain if telling ourselves “no” caused us to want the thing more, or if the time without the item actually did reveal how important it could be in our lives.

We thought this week would be fairly easy, and it was. But it has caused us to discuss and dig deeper into the concept of importance and essentialism. Giving up things like hot water showed us that while not essential for life, there are things that can be essential for the life we want to live.

A radio does not fall into that category. It is a non-essential item that we believe we could give up forever. Now, that being said, we don’t plan to “give it up” forever. It does not cost anything for us to access. It is not a burden mentally, financially, etc. It is something that is available to all but it doesn’t take up physical or mental space.

We plan to continue rarely accessing our radio, but are confident there will come occasions when it is our only option and we are happy to surf some channels.

What other things in life exist in the same category as the radio? We believe this really comes down to the lifestyle you live. Things we may deem essential may be trite and irrelevant to you. The same goes for the things you believe are vital for life. We may find some of them have no draw for us.

So what do we do with these non-essential things? That is one of our main goals throughout this #52weekwithout challenge. We want to find the things that are distracting us, slowing us down, and increasing our burden then work to eliminate those things. We also want to find the things that are essential and invest more into those things. But we also want to wade into the grey areas and try to make sense of the things that may not be burdensome, but could still be removed for a simpler, more enjoyable life.

This is an ongoing challenge that we want to work through on a frequent basis. What things in your life are stopping you from investing time, effort, and finances into the things you love?

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