Week 33: Beltless Brigadiers!

This past week, we banned the use of belts in our house! We were faced with two questions: Should we use string, suspenders, or some other object to help keep our bottoms up? Or should we only wear things that fit us perfectly (or even a bit snugly) so that a belt would be unnecessary? These were just a few of the scintillating questions faced during our beltless week.

We switched up what were going without fairly last minute. We had to make the change due to some complications with our previously planned item to be sacrificed. So we chose to give up belts instead thinking the week would be a breeze. It was not.

Our difficulties started on Sunday morning. Joshua chose to wear a suit to church. His suit is a fairly new acquisition and fits him fairly well. He thought it would be easy to wear the suit, tie, and dress shirt combo he had laid out the previous night. About ten minutes into wearing the getup Joshua had resorted to tracking down some string. He was tried of having to adjust his britches to help them stay up.

Throughout the week Joshua wore one pair of pants almost exclusively. They are the best fitting pair he has. It made selecting outfits quick and easy. It also provided a new adoration for that specific pair of pants.

Bethany’s experience was a bit different. She does not wear a belt as often, but when she does it tends to be a purposeful choice. There were only a few specific occasions where she was inconvenienced and had to change outfits due to poor fitting clothes. During the day she was able to wear shorts or leggings to her job as a nanny.

Ultimately the most significant thing we learned was that a large number of our clothes are slightly too big and our belts are very important. Having some kind of device to keep our pants and shorts up makes life so much easier. The small things really do make all the difference.


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