Week 36: No Hair Products

We may not look very polished or put together; however, we do actually spend time attempting to look presentable before we leave our house most days. This includes the use of a variety of hair products for Bethany and beard products for Joshua. Well, we decided to give those things up for a week and see what happened.

We were happy, in part, to give up the use of some of the products due to certain chemicals. It is always good to give your hair a break from the use of harmful chemicals. But we may have underestimated just how helpful other products were.

Bethany uses hair spray daily to add volume to her hair and help it hold its shape throughout the day. She never realized how difficult it is to stop the frizz and increase hold without hair spray. She actually caved at two different points during the week and used a light spritz of hairspray before leaving for work. We want to push our limit, but we also want to look presentable in our places of work. Bethany has been growing out her ridiculous bangs, and hairspray helps to tame some of the flyaway strands. We confess we do not complete every challenge perfectly!

Joshua forgot how much beard oil helps keep his beard soft and looking decent. By Wednesday his beard was bone dry and had begun to itch. He was washing it properly to keep it clean, but the cleaning agents were stripping away some of the natural oils that are so useful in maintaining a facial forest. It had been several years since he had gone without beard oil and he now remembers why.

The challenge as it was laid out was fairly simple. We were not allowed to use hair or beard products for one week. We classified oils and creams that were used for styling into this category. Shampoo and conditioner did not fall into this category for this specific challenge. We kept ourselves clean, but we learned that a little product can make all the difference when it comes to looking professional.

The toughest part of the challenge for this week was watching our hairstyles degrade throughout the week. The first few days weren’t terrible. We still had the dregs of former products in our hair. But the longer the week went the worse we looked and the harder it was to intentionally give up these products.

But it really helped us consider why we use these products in the first place. To some extent we do care what others think about us. We have to remember that our appearance does say something about who we are. Do we take care of ourselves? Are we trying to stay clean and look professional? Do we look like we are making an effort to look professional? The goal is not to draw attention to ourselves or impress those around us. But we definitely want to work to to present an exterior that is not distracting or disheveled.

This week without definitely solidified our need to use hair products. But it also helped us look past our typical morning routines and consider the why behind our habits. We plan to continue using hair products, but we may be using less. We don’t need to be perfectly put together, but we can definitely put in a little effort to look as nice as possible.

Are there little things in your life that you may be doing for the sake of others and their opinions of you? What would happen if you lived more intentionally? Maybe you don’t stop changing what you do, but you can adjust your why. We challenge you to examine the small things in your life and ask yourself why.

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