Week 43: The Television Is Off Limits

The adventure continues! Last week we gave up the use of our television. This challenge was a bit similar to a challenge we did during the first week of our year-long challenge.

During week one we gave up Netflix. It was tough the first few days, but then we found ourselves really enjoying the additional free time. During that challenge, we did allow ourselves the freedom of watching movies. We tried to avoid overusing this caveat, but we did still watch a few things.

Our challenge over the past seven days eliminated all TV-related viewing options. We wanted to see if we would enjoy it as much as our Netflix challenge. We wondered if we would even notice a difference. We are not frequent movie-watchers in the Rushing household. We tend to watch a tv show or two then dip off to bed. We go to bed early because we tend to rise early like the boring, dorks that we are. But we partake in a cinematic flick on occasion.

Over the past month or so, we began to notice ourselves spending more time watching Netflix and movies than previously. It was eating up our evenings. We weren’t reading as much as we wanted to. We also weren’t playing games or spending as much quality time together truly focused on one another. This week helped us step back and take notice of this.

The week was fantastic! We thoroughly enjoyed time together, we played board games, we read books, and we went to bed early. We did the things that we truly wanted to do with our lives. There was much less wasted time in our evening schedule.

That being said, we did break the rule on Halloween night. We had both worked a long day and had no specific “holiday” plans. So we decided to watch a scary-ish movie for the fun of it.

But this got our brains thinking. What if we structured our lives in a way that sectioned our time into slots that allowed us to do the things we actually wanted to do? What if we planned our evenings around games, books, time together and thus making it more difficult to waste hours in front of a screen?

So we came up with a plan. Our goal for the next few weeks is to only use our television on one night per week. It will most likely be on Friday or Saturday, but we believe this will help us achieve our goals to learn more, develop as humans, and cultivate our relationship with one another.

This upcoming week is our first attempt. We are already seeing intense benefits. More books are being read and more conversations are being had. These realizations are the reason we started this journey in the first place. We want to find the things in our lives that are keeping us from doing the things that truly matter to us. We want to eliminate those items so that all we are left with are the things that allow us to have a greater impact.

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